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FULL Ride Report of the FULL MOON RIDE

This last FULL moon ride was thrown together a bit last minute, but with the weather warming, i figured what the hell, why not. nice cool evening ride with my bros, cold drinks, good food.

i left work a bit early thinking i would make it on time, but for whatever reason, the traffic in Hollywood was CRAP! i split lanes for 5 miles straight down Beverly Blvd to the freeway.

i took this pic from Angeles Forest Hwy before Hidden Springs Cafe.
it doesn't give it justice. the moon was HUGE!

i made it to Lynx around 6:45 and as i was coming up to the trailhead i could see Sito on the side of the Upper Big T. i apologized for being late, and the first thing he says is "its fuckin spooky out here!"

we made the decision to start on Lynx from the campground on Angeles Forest Hwy.
Sito pulled out a couple of Jack bottles and a coke. HELL YES!

we bombed up Lynx and met up with Trid at Mill Creek/Pacifico.
the one thing i can say about this ride is we felt gusts up to 60 mph at least.
at the top of Pacifico near Newcombs i seriously was almost blown over while trying to take these next pics.

Trid(sorry i clicked the pic too soon cuz of the crazy wind that almost took me out)

we get up to Newcombs Ranch and see a cop and van in the middle of the road a 1/4 mile down. we stop behind the van not knowing wtf is going on.
he waves on and as we come up to NR there are stadium lighting and hundreds of people.......
a security guard tells us to park up past the tree because we are in their shot......... for KNIGHT RIDER ! ! ! HAHAHAHAH

the mustang and main douchey actor was right near the front door of NR.

we go inside for our eats and other than the crew we were the only ones there.

so service was top notch, fast, cold drinks and hot fresh grub.

after the food, we almost walked right into a shot.

the guys and i decided to call it a night but not without one more dirt trail.


on the way down the Crest , it was a fast, blustery ride.
we said our farewells and i made it home around 10:30.
apt elevator

windy palm tree in our courtyard

happy GF, Kellie. surprised of my early arival. she was cookin up some deliciousness.

i clocked in around 100 miles, with 50 of that dirt.
great ride, and maybe have some more L.A./Barstow/Vegas riders!!!
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