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As I’ve mentioned several times I like hiking. I LOVE hiking. The higher the better! Walking is okay, but actually hiking out in the trees, mountains and sunshine brings great happiness to me, especially if I can get there via motorcycle. I call the combination of these two passions “Motorhikeling.” Clever, eh?

I’ve been having so much fun goofing off I haven’t hiked a lot so far this trip, but I do manage to round up a few folks to hoof it over to Crimson Trail, which is only a few minutes up Logan canyon from the orchestra housing. I’ve hiked this trail many times over the years and I love and hate it every time. It’s steep up, then flat on the top along beautiful cliffs, then steep down, I think around three to four miles round trip. It’s a serious workout if you push it (which I do!). Damn, it feels good to be out again... There’s so many great little (and big) hikes around here, but this one is still my favorite because of the great view as a reward, the incredible exercise, and the close proximity to town.

The reward after the climb:

On the way down (I dig those orange pants!):

I’ve seen a few rattlesnakes from time to time on previous hikes, but this was the closest call so far. If he would’ve decided to strike I’m sure he’d have hit me! Luckily he rattled and started moving away instead. I damn near stepped on him.

After the hike we feel we’ve earned some Aggie Ice Cream, made by the dairy school at Utah State. If you’re passing through stop in and get some, it’s extremely creamy! The raspberries on top are locally grown from the “fruit highway” near Ogden, famous for it’s delicious fruits, canned by an enthusiastic opera musician. Mmmmmmm...

The line for Aggie Ice Cream is often out the door, but it’s worth the wait.

Boy I sure am tired, but the boys can’t seem to get enough of my Halo ass-whuppin’, so I guess duty calls until the wee hours once again.
We finally let Eric win a game. OMG, one of the funniest moments I can remember ever, the pic doesn’t relay the hilarity of the situation. I think I threw out a rib. It’s amazing how intense “virtual” experiences like this can be! The competition is very real indeed... Post Game Carnage, and how!

Tired now, bed time at last. Tomorrow is another big riding adventure post, with a twist!
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