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And this is what Lunchmeat thinks of the "Death" Wings for offroad use.....

Incoming BMW battleship. I know that the Adventure is a bigger bike but when it really stands out is when you see it parked close to my SE. lol!

Look up the trail and around that corner is where Larry's BMW decided to play Harley Davidson and dump some oil on the trail.....

I cannot even began to describe how slippery some of the sections were yesterday. Steve and I at least had decent offroad tires, although Steve's rear TKC was looking a little............worn. I had several sideways, feet off the peg moments! But fortunately I had some tread block to save me. All of us should give Larry a round of applause because not once did he bitch about the conditions and just kept plugging along. You could tell he was somewhat relieved to be off that fire trail though....

I want to thank Steve and Larry for a very entertaining ride yesterday. Momma must be starting mentalpause cause by the time I got home she was all sunshine and roses...
I am hoping to meet the rest of you who post here for some riding. There are several of you that I live close to so do not hesitate to hit me up for a ride, for some help in the garage or whatever. Just as long as it does not involve helping you move...
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