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04 October, Saturday
Tabriz – Ahar – Ardabil – Khal Khal – Masuleh (478 km)

My alarm went off at 05:00 in the morning. After riding in the dark to Tabriz, we agreed on waking up as early as we can to finish the ride in daylight. The guy at the reception told us last night that they can serve early breakfast for us but all we could find in the morning was a jug of water. We dranked 1 glass each and hit the road.
The family we asked directions to.

We found the Ardabil road easily. The weather got cold suddenly with threatning clouds. Lucklily, there wasn't a single drop of rain. If we had started our trip 3 days earlier, in would have been a another story. We entered Ardabil with a really bad traffic. There were policemen on every rounabout but they don't solve anything. We hardly found a place to eat. Mc Donald's in Iran.

Never ending curiousity... These guys also told that the road to Masuleh was seriously deteriorated due to heavy rains.

We filled up in Ardabil.

The conditions of the gas stations are really bad.

Also in this gas station they told that the road is completely blocked because of the rain. We agreed to take a chance.
Just before reaching Khal Khal we spent 20 minutes in a police checkpiont. Very funny conversation took place here.
Khal Khal road is fantastic. Asphalt quality is superb.

We started to gain altitude slowly while the scenery got better and better.

The map didn't lie and 60 km left to Masuleh, we found the hard pack gravel.

The clouds we admired looking, struck us badly when we entered in them. We were immidiately wet and the road turned into mud. It's unnecessary to say how front Scorps don't like mud. A wrong selection of line and i was down.

Riding with wild horses takes all the negativity away.

After playing in the mud a bit, we arrived to the wonderful Masuleh. We parked the bikes to find our hotel.

This is the last spot bikes can enter. All transportation is on foot in the village. Fortunatley, Hotel Mehran was very close to our bikes.
Masuleh scenery from our hotel.

18 EUR for a triple room, not bad. It was a relief after the hotel in Tabriz. It was about to get dark, so we got out very quickly.

We found the Moallem Restaurant and tried mirza ghazemi which is an eggplant dish special to the Gilan Province.
After conquering the silent streets of Masuleh and puffing on qalyan we threw our tired bodies to the bed.

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