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I would think that if like Creeper you just changed the oil early, and changed the filters every other oil change things would be just fine. If your really concerned, why not perform an oil analysis, and find out what is really going on with your oil. (With the exception of possible fuel dilution issues on a model of bike with EFI the few oil analysis I have seen show the oil changed out at the Mfg's recomended interval was basically as good as new oil. (All non-LC4 bikes) In closely following oil analysis of synthetic oil used in MB turbo diesels, owners are finding that they can go twice the mfg interval, and the oil analysis comes back showing the oil could probably go another 50% longer yet. (I know this may not relate to these motors in anyway, but still it demonstrates how good modern synthetic oils are.)

I have temp tabs mounted on the oil resevoir and side cases of my bike, in three different areas, so long as I do not see a high temp indication, I change the oil at or before KTM's suggested interval, and feel quite secure in doing so.

When it comes to engine longevity, if anything the bearing, starter and cam/water drive issues are the ones that concern me.
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