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It's a short cut, really
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Oddometer: 5,004 if I read this right, FIRST they are gonna vote on it.....THEN (2 months later) they are gonna ask us for our opinion?

I love the way democracy works!

Yep, it's a short road but it's nice to have it at least open since it makes a nice way to tie in a loop between Capay valley and Berryessa/Knoxville Rd.

Also, I've gotta think that the Rafting guys will have something to say about ending maintenance on the entire road. They go up there in old school buses and those vehicles will probably only work for another year or two if maintenance ends.

For us, we can mostly alway find a work-around for the bad spots.

What I don't understand is: If maintenance ceases, why not just remove the gates? What are they protecting.....( It certainly makes me much less "respectful" of the gates.
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