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Originally Posted by Ian640
Yes, it'll mean additional time and cost for oil filter changes, but the more you do the quicker they get.

Here's the reasoning behind my original question:

1. I prefer to travel light, so I want to avoid carrying filters and oil. An option is to fit reusable filters. Any thoughts or experience of these?

2. It's difficult to buy fully synthetic oil in some parts of the world. For example, the last oil change I did away from home was in Niamey, Niger, where the best I could find was semi synthetic.

3. If at least some of the rally LC4s have a 3rd filter, then why?

Re: starter and cam/water drive issues.

What are these issues, as I had a water pump seal go once. Any mods or upgrades to prevent them?

I would think that the Rallye has the downtube filter relocated in order to speed up changes (seconds count for them). Are you in that much of a hurry?

I too am interested in the reusable oil filters, like Dual Star carries. My mechanic doesn't like them but I didn't quiz him too much on it. Maybe someone around here has experience with them. It would be great not to worry about finding filters in the lonely places of the world. but what about the second, and third if you are successful, oil filters? I haven't seen reusable models of those...

I would also guess that the Rallye has three because they need more protection for balls to the wall racing for days on end. If that is not how you drive, maybe you don't need three oil filters.

What water pump?
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