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Originally Posted by Mudhen
...Oh, and Evilclown - that pile of horseshoes was a pita. My mother lives right up the road and told me where it was. I rode past it 4 times - turned around right next to it twice, even went up to the Cracker Barrel and asked. Must have taken me 10 minutes riding back and forth before I saw it!! A perfect tag...
So basically you did the same thing I did. Thought I'd seen Sandy Heino's office in the area in the past. Didn't pay much attention. Left the house without the address or anything. Ended up 'downtown' after turning in the parking area of the building and still not seeing it. It wasn't downtown either. After a call home for the address to punch into 'Rosie' I pulled up and said, "No shxt, dumbass."

Nice job snagging all of New England today.
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