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Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer
It's all about thawing out...

I rolled out of my garage right about the time Mr. I-got-two-states-today posted his picture. It's about 75 to Portsmouth for me. I saw 26 degrees posted in Raymond. Electrics failed me again , froze everything BUT my ass off, which barbecued cause the seat was on high so I could sit on my hand. I've got cruise control, so I was able to alternate hands.

As best I can figure it, the fuse on the electrics lasted for about 10 minutes. I have not idea if adding the gloves to the jacket and pants is over loading things...but I guess I need to find out, soon! I stopped for gas, changed the fuse, and it blew by the time I was back on the highway.

On the upside, it's a very nice 20 second exposure picture. The sign is a little out of focus because of the high winds.
Oh, I feel pretty bad now, you really were pretty close to the new one. Here I figured the whole NH Tag thing was a bit dormant with us "Out of staters" having to run it and all. . .

It is a nice picture though!

Do you have your heat controller maxed out? If you have it set to low, it shouldn't be popping things.
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