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Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer
As best I can figure it, the fuse on the electrics lasted for about 10 minutes. I have not idea if adding the gloves to the jacket and pants is over loading things...but I guess I need to find out, soon! I stopped for gas, changed the fuse, and it blew by the time I was back on the highway.
Here's my Gerbing's experience just to add to your debugging info. I run jacket only and my wife runs a jacket only. We both have our own controllers which are the same type you have. Both are wired directly to the battery using the Gerbing's fused cables. I put a few thousand miles on these before I had a fuse blow. It only happened once. The Gerbing's website shows the jacket as 77watts/6.4amps, the pants are 44watts/3.6amps, and the gloves are 27watts/2.2amps. Thats 12.2 amps total so adjust your fuse accordingly.

Does your bike have heated grips? I've found that my R1100RT's mirrors and fairing plus the heated grips are all I need when using thin uninsulated Held gloves in freezing temps. The body fairing will provide enough leg coverage in the same temps if I wear a hiking thermal layer (long johns!) under my "summer" suit. But then again, as pointed out earlier in this thread I seem to have more "natural insulation" .

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