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06 October, Monday
Tehran – Fasham – Dizin – Valiabad – Baladeh – Tehran (406 km)

We were on the schedule and up at 05:30 in the morning. According to our plan we are going to tour around the Alborz Mountains and Aydin will drop us to Ferdosi Hotel on our way back.
Aydin was a little anxious about being late to leave Tehran city. I think it's a thing about traffic. We stopped on the way to pick up Aydin' s friend Vehid. They were leading us with Aydin' s car. Just as we left the city mess, fabulous roads started immidiately. We made a couple stops for bread and groceries. We were so happy to choose this route among Tehran city tour. After ascending more we reached Iran's most popular ski resort, Dizin. It's the highest altitude we achieved during this trip.

Our view is briefly like this.

For 10 minutes we did nothing but inhale the view. Aydin took his popular tea kit out while we shoot some pictures.

Here's Aydin's trunk.


The pass road we are going to take after breakfast.

Aydin said he has known these dogs for 5 years now. They're so cute.

Nice view...

Vehid & Aydin

After Aydin made some tea, we put a chilled tune on the car's stereo and began our breakfast.

A family photo after breakfast.

We had a long road infront of us. Aydin said that we would reach 4500 m after a while. We joined yesterday's Chalus - Karaj road for a while then take the minor road from Valiabad. A little wc break.

After this, the journey to the heart of Central Alborz started. This area is an unexplored paradise for bikers. There' s no traffic. The scenery and asphalt quality is absolutely breathtaking.

We couldn't concentrate on the road because of the scenery and stopped frequently.

Everything was going so good and because being spontaneous, it was a great feeling. If it was to the number of curves done, i can easily say that we did the same amount of my last years Alps & Dolomites tour in this last two days. This road would be insanely famous if biking was legal in Iran.
Riding through tiny villages we were stopped for a routine passport control. At this point the maybe worst thing after a possible accident happened.
Mete said: "Hey, my hipbag's not here !!!"
Ingredients of the bag: Passport, driving license, Turkish id, bike's registration, about 1000 EUR cash & credit cards, ipod, cellphone and my bike's spare keys.
We both yelled "FUCK !!!!" silently of course.
Mete jumped in Aydin's car and they turned back to look around. I stayed at the police station with the bikes. They invited me to the chief officer's room. I had cramps in my stomach thinking what happens next.
They offered tea, apple and pomegranates. After telling our story, the chief went to another room. We started to practice Farsi, English and Turkish with the asistant chief who is 20 years old. I answered 100 questions minimum from my marital status to the bikes. After a while the conversation got quite funny (not in a funny way). Another low rank soldier came in and the asistant told "heh here's my wife."
Hmmm it's time to I constantly looked from the window but there was no sign of our crew.
Later we went outdoors to the yard. The asistant started to show off with the stick. He pointed it to me implying "Come and get this." I made a face implying "No, thank you. What a stupid child." Chief's sudden entry to the yard took the wind out of the asistant's feathers.
A minute later chief said something and i was out of the yard beside the bikes, threwn out.
They are highly unpredictable.
I couldn't stand waiting without any news so, told the guard that i will be returning with my bike too. After 10 minutes i saw the crew and the look on Mete's face was the answer to the mystery. After two hours of searching there was nothing. Hopes ran dry.
We returned to the PS and called the Turkish Embassy in Tehran. They told us to get a Police report saying that the passport is lost. Since we' re in a PS we thought that would be easy. Aydin explained the situation to the chief in Farsi. Thank god, i have no idea how we could ever done that. After 5 minutes of conversation, it was obvious that we are not getting the report from him. Aydin showed him the place that we stopped for a pee -which could be a possible point of the event- from the map. He claimed that it was another PS's jurisdiction, and we should take the report from them. After, he changed his mind and told us to go to Nur which was 200 kms away and take the report from the Poilce Centre. It was already 15:00 and we had 2 hours before it gets dark. Going to Nur would throw us 350 kms away from Tehran, so no chance. We decided to return to Tehran. The return trip was the most dangerous of my 10 years of biking history. A crazy video game ride. Aydin & Vehid drove like Michael Schumaer and we didn't want to lose them in Tehran city. Following them was a complete nightmare.
We checked in to a hotel and said goodbye to the boys . Thank you for everything guys, you were great...

Although there were tons of questions running in my mind, i couldn't help but fall asleep, because we were exhausted.
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