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Originally Posted by Dirty GSer
So, is imitation Flattery, Laziness or the result of the onset of frostbite?

Anybody able to provide another Two-fer?

What did we learn this morning....

When the weather man says it's cold they mean it....
Electric gear is great....but it really only makes you less cold.....
Hand guards really do divert highway wind, but don't do nearly much on the back roads.....
I can't do a 70 mile side trip on the way to work and make it on time.

I love it!! 2 two-fers!!

Below 25 or so I put my one-piece rainsuit on over my riding gear, over my heated gear. Makes all the difference in the world - blocks out the wind completely and lets the heat soak in. I was good with that down to 7f last winter; haven't had a chance yet to try it any lower.
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