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Originally Posted by geode
When this very topic was discussed on the VA Tag thread months ago it was decided that using a third party to post a tag was not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

But then this is the NH tag thread, ya'll can make your own rules up.

How about starting a poll? Maybe a whole bunch of folks who don't play in the game here can come vote in it? Sorta like what happened in the Maine poll a few weeks ago.

That begs the question: when does one become a player? Once they snag a tag, or when they start following along hoping to snag one...maybe actually riding to it but coming up just short a time or two?

I can imagine someone who wants to, but hasn't gotten a tag might get just as antsy waiting for the new tag post as someone who has already got a tag or to under their belt.

And, no. I didn't vote in the Maine poll.
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