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Our gracious and generous hosts insisted we hang around for a pancake breakfast the next morning. Who are we to argue?? Pancakes, pianos, senators, and BEDS for cryin’ out loud... Okay, seriously, we need to get on the road or our Mountain-Man Membership Cards will be revoked. Naturally it’s early afternoon by the time we launch (I also get suckered into another CF viola demo for some of Jo and Harvey’s friends), so we charge up Cottonwood pass just in time for those afternoon showers. Perfect timing!

On the way out of town we saw some cowboys; some town festival, Pioneer Days (?) or some such thing. Everyone looked like they were having a good time!

Bugman is on street tires, but by all accounts Cottonwood is pretty mild, so we decide to push on through to loop around to Gunnison from the North.

I think we’re about to get wet...

Again, where no viola should go: Off pavement, in the rain, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Violate. Damn this is fun! (albeit cold and wet fun... )

I let Tarren take the Orange Beast for a spin for a few miles once we descended out of the rain. As I threw my leg over his bike (a BMW K1200RS like mine!) I was shocked by how low it felt, I almost jumped over the thing! The K1200 isn’t a small bike by any means, I just find it amazing how fast one adjusts to new equipment, this is true for instruments too. I also noticed that I wasn’t going to be able to ride his bike with wearing my viola backpack because of his packing system, so he gets the whole viola-tor experience, Black Death and all! I’ve very particular about people riding my bike (as in, I don’t let anyone ride it but me!), but I was feeling unusually adamant that he try it.

Hmmm, territorial markings of the natives? I’m not sure what that blue road kill is...

We’re arriving on Saturday night to West-Fest, and neither of us knows what to expect. Eventually we find the group of cabins where everyone is staying (and we hear some rubbish about a guy named Arlen and his alleged suckiness. ). There’s a cabin with a number of folks milling about on the porch so I decide this is as good a place as any to try to get the skinny on this event. Who of all people is sitting there? Ms. Chiff, the rider I camped next to in Flaming Gorge who invited me to the rally! Cool. As we chat with whoever is around Bugman finds himself in a conversation with a guy that was a player in a little, rainy low-side experience he had in New Mexico a while back. Small world...

Everyone is headed to the city park for ceremonies, so we mosey on over. Usually Bugman is the life of the party, and neither he nor I are big coffee drinkers (we’re plenty hyper as it is!), but for some reason he had two mugfulls of Jo’s potent brew this morning, and he’s suffering some strange bad trip now. It’s weird, I can’t seem to shake him out of his stupor, literally like he’s inebriated. I’m honestly worried about him as he can’t manage to park his bike. Of course I tease him about it too, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t??? No more coffee for you mister, sheesh!

DKADV getting a dress installed. Weird, I’m not sure what this rally is all about, and I’m a little frightened...

Ms. Chiff sees us and tells us we’re just in time for de-n00bing. Great... As the crowd of n00bs is whittled down I realize that we’re going to be some of the last victims.

This is perfect! The Black Death is with me, so I decide to challenge myself in this VERY public, VERY harsh environment. Oh boy, I haven’t played for two days and have been gripping the handlebars vigorously all day, this is gonna be tough to sound good without a warm up... Here we go!

Waiting for the moment, T minus 5, 4, 3...

My god, I need some pants that fit properly, that looks like a clown suit! Anyway, lot’s of people smiling back there, so that’s good!

I most certainly can play much, much better, but I suppose I’ll count this as another test passed. For those of you who were there (and everyone else too), come hear me after a warm up sometime! I’m a professional, but the adrenaline and nerves of getting up in front of people never really goes away, so this is part of my own personal challenge that I hope will make me a better artist. Of course there was some heckling and the requisite “Play some Skynard!” comments, but I’ve heard it all before... YFF’s! I can deal with the likes of you!

We score a cabin porch to pitch the tent on, and shoot the $hit with other motorcyclists from across the country who enjoy riding in challenging environments. As I mentioned way back in the report, I think I’ve only ever seen a handful of KTM Adventure bikes EVER, but here at the rally I’ve seen at least ten 950/990’s. Bitchin!

Tarren rocks us up some fajitas with his camp stove and riders keep putting beers in our hands. Thanks!

I’d love to ride some of the trails around here, but Bugman and I have plans (and he needs to get DS bike!), plans that involve another early, early morning...

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