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Day 2: over and around Vrsic Pass

The next morning. Preparing breakfast. We found a perfect place for our outdoor kitchen:

Preparing routes and tracks, playing with the didital toys...

Our camp and herd of steeds:

on the way to Vrsic Pass:

Anita and me:

Eike and Klaus:


an unknowen chaser on a BMW:

the team, left to right, front to back: Eike, Götz (Hardheader), Klaus, Ralf, Andi (me), Anita:

the girls posing around: Anita:

and Eike:

Anita again:

that happens when you take office-city-people out to the fresh air:

getting better after some coffee:

finally we found a gravel road:

completely legal:

on that way our history was couching: the remainings of a village which was destroyed in revenge by the german Wehrmacht during WW2:

more gravel:

trying to do some advanced enduro: the path has even been on the GPS and looked like a nice shortcut, but for some of the team it was too difficult or they claimed to have the wrong tools / tyres. OK, it was really muddy, on some places rather deep, you should have at least some knobbies:

Surpirse, surprise... everybody is standing around and looking like an idiot. What happened?

Ralf was leading and decided in the last moment to turn right. Eike was behind him and did a full stop, sadly the DR's break light did not pass this information to me. Thanks to my 320mm supermoto racing break I did not crash into her, but the breaks of Anitas F650GS behind me did not make it. So she used her left fork leg to redesign my Givi panniers and afterwards did a detour through the green:

Her track through the grass. She was lucky, a bit mor to the left and it could have gone terribly wrong:

My panniers in the new design. I must admit that I was really annoyed. This crash was really not necessary:

On the beemer just a few scratches:

For the next offroad section we take the rubbers out of the F650s footpegs:

Anita, Ralf and me tried a shortcut through the forest. The others thought the ground was too loose and the mud too deep so they went around it. After some 100m the track was blocked by some trees and we decided that it might also be illegal and turned around:

Ralf fighting the big BMW:

Short time later we catch up with the others. Where to go now?

Get all your braveness together, concentrate...

and goooooooo:

Yippheee we found a mudhole. Everybody is allowed:



and Klaus. Remember, he paused for 10 years and did never any offroad before:

And once again one of our shortcuts just vanished:

Cow and calf:

Slowly we are getting tired. Some use the time we need to find directions for food:

Transalps are also usefull to create food buffets:

Back in the camp we cooks some fine noodles:

and finally have food and beer and...

to be continued, I'll have to got to work / nighshift now...

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