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Originally Posted by MrMac
OK kids, if you hurry, you can catch this one at sunset!

Hate to break the bridge theme, but this is one I've been wanting to do.. It is surrounded by one of my favorite areas of North Ga.; lots of interesting history here.

This is an overlook near the end of the road:

And this is at the end of the road:

Here is a view from the top:


1 - It is an out-and-back: "three miles up, three miles down"

2 - While on top, you just might "stand alone"

3 - They yelled the name over the fields of France!

That should do it.. But if not, I'll add another clue or 2 in a day or so..

Have fun!!

I know where that is.
Somewhere in North Carolina I purchased 2 miles of roadside flowers for the low price of $850.00
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