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Day 3: over and around Monte Stol

After breakfast in the morning Klaus had to leave us. Work was calling him back to Munich:

Leaving the camp and crossing the Soca:

Today's highlight: Stol. It's a legal unpaved / gravel road up one mountain. Sadly you are not allowed to ride up to the peak anymore. In the beginning it's a bit rough with big stones in narrow and tight twisties. Eike did not like that at all so she and Ralf returned to the camp:

Anita climbing up:

Hardheader, Anita and me at the highest point that can be reached legally. Sadly it was rather cloudy so we could not see anything:

Gorillas in the mist...

on the descent again:

me enjoying riding...

Back at the camp we met Ralf and Eike for lunch. Eike didn't want to go biking today, so Hardheader, Anita, Ralf and me left for an afternoon tour which sadly became illegal recently. So I won't tell you where we have been. For that tour beeing completely offroad Ralf changed his BMW for Eikes DR.

Ralf went ahead checking directions, I'm waiting for the rest. Thought it's a good opportunity for a picture when the all return to my place:

At this point Anita had to leave us for a meeting. She will return tomorrow night.

In this place Hardheader had to give up. The worn Heidenau K60 were the wrong tool for wet leaves and roots:

Transalp climbing up:

This spot doesn't look too mean, just a littel creek, some wet rocks, a little step:

But I remember I had to fight. Look at my compressed front forks:

At this place also Ralf and me had to give up:

taking a short foto-session:

the sign to the place we wanted to go was pointing up here, and we didn't want Hardheader waiting for us for too long:

on our way back to the camp:

Somehow Ralf and me couldn't get enough today, so we went off again, a short round before dinner and dark. We found a nice pit in the forest, perfect for practicing climbing uphill:

What I didn't think about when making this suggestion was that there was absolutely no space down there to gain speed. For Ralf with the light 350 it was easy, I needed 3 attepmts to get out again. If you look closely you can see me just falling over:

made it!

Shortly after the pit we were on tarmac again. The the road became unpaved, the unpaved road became a single track... ... and there was no sign saying it's forbidden to ride here

We realy had fun:

the track winded down into the Soca valley and I was getting a bit nervous how to get out again. In the end it became a bit technical, but without major problems

Back at the camp we got some energy drinks (Slovenian beer is rather tasty!)

Multifuel stoves a dangerous tools. Aprroach with care!

should I wait for the others or eat their food?

This is not water! This is the regular dosis when you order Slivovitz:

more to come...

Bye, Andy
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