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Originally Posted by KTMarty
Thanks all for the tips.

Tried wiggling the wires as I rode home from work - Still no odo

Pulled things apart again and found the three wire plug behind the headlight that connect from the speed sensor to to multi function speedo unit. I Did continuity check on the three wires to the plug that goes into the multi function speedo unit (Blue/orange, black/orange & black/brown) and no broken circuits.

How do you check continuity check from the speed sensor to this three wire plug?
From the diagram posted, it should only be the 2 wires that go to the multi function unit you need to test (black/yellow & dark blue&yellow ). Run the meter across those, spin the wheel slowly and you should get pulses of continuity and/or change in resistance. (This is from my experience with older KTM pickups). But the ones I have used before, only had 2 wires, I'm not sure why a third wire goes to the tach.
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