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Utah Cont

Only 3 of us would ride Eagle Canyon it was decided. Myself, Bruce and DK. Bruce and I would pair up and DK would ride about 1 hour behind us solo. Tony, John and Jody would take another route and meet us that evening in Richfield. Or so we thought. Eagle Canyon is long, and once your in, your in, so if you go, make sure you have enough fuel. Sand is the buzzword in here. Sandy but fun ! Pay attention to your GPS too as navigation can be tricky. Glad I was on my 610
OK in we go !

Popular shot

I just cant imagine the fellas who rode this in July or August. Forget it

Mr.ISDE was far enough ahead of me to get this shot of me climbing the staircase. Flipin fun I tell ya....on the right bike of course

From below. He who hesitates, is destined to try again

Like I said, the temps were fantastic for us. Mid to upper 70's mid day. But this place just screams " one mistake and I'll kill you in mid summer suka"

This was cool. You can see us ride through in the upcoming Utah vid

Here you can see my POV1 mounted on my helmet. I like BigDogs helmet mount better, my way you see the visor in the footage. Me no likey.

Bruce and I take it in, Solitude unmatched...for now anyway

Now after a while you drop into this wash. A small cut, about 100' wide on average. No way out, your in the cut, and it curves back and forth for miles. When Bruce and I come around a cornor, standing there is a black Mustang. Very cool. Our 1st of many wild horse sightings to come. I did capture it on my POV1 and you can also see it on the vid. But many more to come in Nevada.
So anyway, the wild horse is running like a raped ape in front of me but cannot get out of the cut ! Finally it opens a bit and he runs up this very steep wall. We stopped and snapped this photo. He was going like a banshee !

ok this was interesting. After emerging from the wash and around Justen Flats we began to see these boulders everywhere. Weird and cool.


Getting close to Richfield now

And we arrive around 1600. Like an oasis this town was. Mormans keep it nice, neat and green ! We setup camp at the Best Western for the night. It was our last night in Utah.
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