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Can you paint them?

Originally Posted by Cowboy2
Seriously now, can a professional painter actually paint the plastic on the bike (removed of course). I used a special plastic paint (spray can) on my DR650 and it looked good. On my 800 I want a professional job that will not scratch/rub off. I'm pretty sure it can be done but I want a yes or no answer not just a "I think it can be done"

Absolutely! I had an '02 R1150R dakar. That's the one with the yellow body panels and tank, and gray stripes on it. Pretty ugly, but it was the only one with a black engine at the time. I bought some BMW black, took all the parts to a BMW paint shop and paid them a bunch of money. A month later, it was all back together and looked more awesome than ever. I still haven't seen a bike like it, and the plastic held the paint very well. It polishes up beautifully, takes it's knocks without cracking, and has looked better than a factory job since '03.
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