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Originally Posted by punkenduro
im not trying to say there wrong closing the road
I am.

ANF and SBNF are open after rain. Hell ANF opened BECAUSE of rain:

Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
But most of all, so morons who don't know their limits don't go up and hurt themselves too often and get the area closed for good.
People die and get injured on the 74 all the time for the same reason, I personally don't see that as being any different. Point, laugh, call them a dumb ass, then carry on as normal. Just bill them for any emergency response. Morons will surpass their limits rain or shine. One might cite California's retarded liability laws as being the culprit but that doesn't explain the discrepancy between the districts.

Admittedly I'm a bit aggravated. I was planning on riding this weekend and I love riding immediately after it rains for obvious reasons, guess I'll have to slab it up to LA or out to San Bernadino to join those guys. I just don't understand how Cleveland is somehow fundamentally different in that rain is a show stopper.
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