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The fool on the hill
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Originally Posted by traveltoad
He did.... but it looked more like iPods.

I didn't take many picts, but here is what I got.

Elevator Junky on the screamin' smoker (can you find him?)... "the fool's gonna do it".

Dang that's steep.
Gettin' kinda squirrely there.

Hmm... this doesn't look right, the bike farther up the hill than the rider.

But they were soon reunited. Bet he was glad it was a relatively lightweight 2-smoker at this point.

Just to set the record straight, he cleared the hill on a 2nd run. Way to go EJ.

Sorry I didn't get all the names out there, hell of a lot of 'Zuki 400s though.

Not sure who?

Sopascat on full sized wheels. I think she likes it.

SogniX on the little Yami with rather street oriented tires... no problemo.

Bunch a damn hooligans, and this was only about half of them.

Elevator Junky crusin' 4N24 after conquering "the HILL"... ain't nuthin' but a thang.

Artboy, my homie from the 'hood. Just another Eagle Rawker.

A little air time from the 'Zuki, sorry I missed another name... and a few more who got it levitating.

And lastly, at least in terms of my picts, the "anti-'Zuki". A yeller one in a field of blue and white. Followed closely by Captain Kaos, Super Noob!

Well, that's all I got, sorry I missed a few. Thanks all for comin' out and making it a fun ride.

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