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Remus Header and BMW Bashplate

Originally Posted by jessehere

here ya go

or last item on this page,DB_brand=bmw9

wonder if the header fits with the BMW bashplate???
No it does not.

The Remus headers are much larger in diameter than the standard ones and they run lower along the side of the bike. The BMW bashplate looks like it needs to hang somewhere between 1-2cm lower than it does.

The Remus headers also fouled my SW-Motech crash bars. The brace between the two bars touches one of the pipes not far from the manifold.

In any case, they're not coming off. I've spaced out the crash bars and managed to get at least some horizontal support. I'm sure I'll find something to get the bashplate on and I don't mind losing a little ground clearance.

Because, you see the Remus headers are way cool. I also removed the inner baffle from the Akrapovic slip-on and the bike finally sounds like it means business. It has a real sweet note when on the gas and is performing noticably stronger all through the rev range. I'm sure the bike is running lean and I plan on getting it properly tuned but it still is going far better than before. Incredibly, it is still reasonably quiet at idle - still quiet enough for it to be warmed up in a a suburban street without any fuss.

The cat seems to do a lot of muffling on this bike. We started the bike without a muffler on both the stock and Remus headers and the stock header almost soundd like it had a muffler on it compare to the Remus.

If, or hopefully when I solve the bashplate issue I'll report back.

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