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DR650 Hack.... Dual Sport.

Well, I'm starting, sorta. Got the hack wheel, hub, and stub axle in today. Did a rough drawing of the hack frame. HEAVILY influenced by Vernon,"AdventureSidecar," with a little "Horst Ulrick" and "HogWild" thrown in, and a bunch of wild Aussie's (Dave) I've been watching for a number of months. Maybe a twist or two of my own thrown in. Probably nothing original, and all a plagurism of one sort or another... So let it be said...if I'm using an idea of anyone's THANKS, beforehand. I ain't stealing nuttin', just propogating the sport.

But we'll see how she shakes down in the next couple of months or so. Oh yeah, the 18" front wheel will be back about Wednesday, and I'll be picking up some steel this week too. So as soon as the debacle begins, I'll start throwing up some pics

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