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Thanks Ned, and everyone else...I'm looking forward to riding my first enduro in the spring and after a little searching I came across this thread. The timekeeping makes alot more sense now, but I'll probably have to read it about 10 more times to get it all.

It really won't sink in for me until I ride one. I was thinking of getting a fancy enduro odometer, but after reading all that I think I'll stick to the basics and just use an odo with a clock and a rollchart. That will be about all my brain can handle.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an odometer that will display the mileage and clock at the same time? I was thinking about a Trailtech Vector odometer because it also has a remote switch for the handlebar and it does have a speedometer which I would like to have to keep my semi-street legal bike semi-street legal. But it looks like the clock numers are kind of small. Any other recommendations?


PS Ned, love my new XCW. Due to unusual lack of early snow here in the valley, I got to ride it twice last week.
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