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Baker Nevada. A small outpost on the eastern edge of the Great Basin Desert & the Utah, Nevada border. There is nothing here except the bare nesscities (sp) and an albino bus boy/waiter. This is the state I was most anticipating.
Unfortunetly this would be the end of the TAT trip for Tony. From here he would head east for Salt Lake, then north for Idaho Falls. Safe ride home my friend. Your a good man inspite of being neckless.

Nevada would bring mining ghost towns, abandoned mines, wild horses, antelope, old cabins, old stage coach route, antelope trail, sage, more sage, and still more sage, and much more. It would around 700 miles and 4 days across northwestern Nevada. We loved every mile.

So now the 4 of us saddle up to continue the westward progression.

It was really cold this eary morning, the Gerbings, if you had em, were ON.

We start to break up. Here's one of the guys spreading it out.

How far out did we sometimes spread ourselves I'v been asked. Well this is a close encounter. Look in the backround and you can see one of my partners dust cloud as he wicks it up across the desert. Today I dont think we saw much of John. If I remember right, he was in front and we would not see him until that evening at the motel. And he absolutly loved the solitude of it.

In this photo a herd of Antelope are crossing our path at full speed.

We noticed the Mustangs were extremely skitish. When they caught the slightest sense that we were around they just bolted. Here is a band of them trying to put as much distance between us as they can.

We are pretty far out there now. Suddenly we come into this small mining ghost town in ruins. I just love this shot. The folks who built these towns out here had balls let me tell you. I just cant imagine the nerve it took to come out here back then.

Bruce snacking on jerky

Morphing ahead in time a bit, here we see the old Lincold Highway marker

Again, mid day temps in the mid 70's

Just before we pull into Eureka for the night. It was around 1530 when Bruce and I rode in.
Here's DK's shot, he was solo for most of the day as well.

Eureka was cool. Wooden plank sidewalks, not touristy at all, the real deal here.
When I continue, we'll head north to Battle Mountain where we have oil/filters and fresh tires waiting for us.
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