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partial Ride Report on an EPIC ride!!!!!


left L.A. at 5AM on friday to meet TRID to make it to Lancaster by 6ish

got home tonite at 7:45

many many many beers consumed

400+ miles ridden in 2 days, 90% dirt

friday rode 7 AM til 5:30 PM

saturday rode 6:30 AM til 4:00PM

(pssst what happens in vegas ......)

met some amazing ppl and a few of the AMA District 37 head guys, re-met CA STU on the highlight of day 2 in Red Rock Cyn(the most amazing views and rock structures).

day 1 while registering, ran into Chris (knrlkrn) so we had a strong rider and an amazing guy to ride with, as well as Paul(trid) , Duane(the regulator) , and some others.

only bike problems besides the shit stock suspension on the KLR( which i am taking donations now for a new set up ! ! ! ) was trid on day 2 had his muffler bolt fall out, put another smaller one in, broke, bail wired it together, broke, then cut a chain link fence from an abandoned gas station, oh yeah, AND while all this was happening his subframe broke.

i just want to say thanks to duane, paul and chris for a fucking rad time!!!!

next year i wanna see more of you FFs on this EPIC ride!

there were hard sections, HERO sections and easy routes so everyone on here could go and have a blast!!!

here's a teaser, more pics later....

WAY steeper than it looks! if you have ever skiid or snowboarded, this is equivalent to a black diamond run!!!

beautiful sunset!!!

yeeeeehaaawww!!!!! bailing wire trail side fix

one side of the canyon coming down Red Rock Cyn
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