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Originally Posted by ramz
Am I to assume you purchased a subscription but don't have the PN-40? But you do have the PN-20?

What format are the maps: jpeg, pict, tiff, other proprietary?

How do you download the maps: click and save? Or do you need proprietary software?

Is there a sample available?

I'm thinking I'd lke to subscribe if I could use the data in off-the-shelf mapping software (not XMap or Topo USA).
Or maybe buy Topo USA just to be able to access the maps on my PC, nevermind getting a PN-xx.
I have a PN-20 and got my PN-40 last week, The two are the same size and shape but that is where the similarities end, The 40 is so much faster , the 20 is never going to be used again.
I had a good chance to use the 40 this weekend and it did a stellar job, I down loaded some color aerial images for the area we were riding and they were very handy, The screen redraws are very fast and scrolling is easier than ever. It's track logging is great and the auto save when full is great.
As far as the data I do not believe you can use it in anything but Delorme software . Topo 7.0 is great, and it comes with the PN-40, It is the best deal for small handheld GPS's right now.
The screen is very easy to see in daylight and the topo maps are the best for a handheld, Not all cluttered up like the Garmin Topo.
You can turn off the topo detail and make the maps look like street maps and it does "Auto Routing" which is usable unlike the PN-20's which was worthless.
This is the GPS of choice for my Dirt bikes.
that is till the PN-60???
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