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Originally Posted by DolphinJohn
I put the sidestand down while still on the bike.
lean it over, get off, then put it on the center with the side still down.
With the sidestand out of the way, it's easier to get your toe in there to get at the center.
I leave it leaning on the sidestand until I get the center down a bit, then make sure I have a good hold with my foot, then tip it up to center, plant the foot and lift.
I find it actually much easier than my 650.
I appreciate that routine ... that's what I'm doing now, but I still have to grab then hold the centerstand down before I can apply leverage and that gets tricky. Think end of day with a loaded bike. I do have to say I'm just now recovering from a twisted right knee and I'm very sensitive to pressures exerted. With that point in mind, today was the first time in nearly a month that my knee was up to riding and I took out three bikes, two oil heads and the F800. Getting my R1150GS up on the centerstand is a breeze because it has a small arm that easily lets me grab the stand with the toe of my boot while the bike is still balanced and vertical. It's so much easier than the hunt and balance method I need for the F800 and that could easily have been remedied with the addition of said "arm"! With my 1150GS all I have to do is step on the supplied 'foot' and lift. No drama at all.

My point is that those reading this thread and not having bought their centerstand might want to consider this. Personally, the toughest part of a days ride is when it's finished and I'm tired. I've come close on occasion and I've dumped a heavily loaded bike in just that situation. I'm thinking I might take the bike to a metal worker I know and see what he can do....
What the hell do I know?!?
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