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Back in the saddle again

Well, I got the bike back into riding condition however I will need a new set of handlebars as these are slightly (very slightly) bent to the right. I found that the triple clamp had became loose and was most likely the reason I ate it. Once I loosened up the upper fork mounts and brought the triple clamp back into alignment with the lower fork mount the whole steering head came back into track. A couple of zip ties and a "Band-Aid" fixed the plastic that got ripped off as the bike slide across the road. For now the bike is rideable for street use and once I get new bars it will be ready for the proposed ride in two weeks. Thinking back on the incident I was very lucky that the dirt berm that the bike slid into was soft from the recent rains and the tire just dug into it, if it had not been for the soft dirt in the berm the bike most likely would have gone over the side and ended up 25' down into a raven and would have been totalled. But for now Im good and back to and
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