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Originally Posted by gefr
Is it Triwi avoids cuting the OEM wires? Seems the same to me. Or is it yours doesn't produce error signals? Pls enlighten me. Cheers.
I don't have a solution yet... But I think I will try Triwi's this winter.

But this is Triwi's:
Originally Posted by Triwi
Finally talked to Autosparky who is local Bosch and ABS expert and did the following after being initially motivated by this thread. Linked a wire each into both wires of rear ABS circuit at the plug under the seat. Ran them to the red handlebar switch. Now have instant off with a dab of switch. Whenever the ignition is switched on the ABS automatically resets. No need for a rocker type switch which has to be manually switched which is needed if you loop just one side of the circuit to the bar switch.
Have to say I did querie the sparky about apparently introducing a short circuit by doing it this way but he just smiled and said No. Before doing the 990 I alterred my 650 Dakar and have been running it for a month. Works perfectly. No ill effects whatsoever plus the bonus of automatic reset every startup.

Maybe if he sees these questions, he will post the pics again
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