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Originally Posted by JakeCWU
Now I's confused. It was my understanding from the Caribou site that you can't buy just the cases. Is this accurate? Is it possible to purchase the SW motech mounts W/O cases and the caribou cases W/O mounts?
Yes, you can buy just the cases from Caribou (and just the racks from SW-Motech) You want to order the Cases for SW-Motech Racks. They come with the locks and lanyards pre-installed, and you have to attach the mounting hardware for the racks. It took me about a half hour to fit the hardware. The racks take a little longer. You have to remove the original grip rail and replace it with the one from SW-Motech.

This picture shows the rack mounted onto the bike using the four quarter-turn fasteners.

And this shows what the bike looks like with the SW-Motech rack removed.

Here's the rack.

This is the hardware you have to attach to the case. The holes are pre-drilled, and there's a triangular, solid aluminum stiffener plate on the inside of the case.

A closeup of the lock. I believe the red part is supposed to break away in case of a crash. But I don't know that the SW-Motech racks won't break away first.

I wanted a smaller top box and rack than Caribou offered, so I bought a Hardigg iM2200, and Roger at Caribou was kind enough to supply me with a matching lock, so one key locks all the cases and attaches the side bags to the racks.

I used some pan-head hex bolts, some fender washers, four rubber washers, and some nylock nuts to bolt it onto the Touratech rack. With a hex key and a 13mm wrench, it pops on and off in less than a minute.

Hope these pix help. I'm sure the Caribou racks are sturdier. But I wanted to be able to remove the racks when not needed. And the smaller top box will keep me from overloading the rear. Roger at Caribou did a great job of helping me get the whole thing sorted out to my liking. I'm very pleased with the results.


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