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Cool2 The motorcycle chronicles of Jackie & Valentino

I have been a member of this forum for a few months now, and have been mesmerized by all the amazing ride reports. I make it a point to spend too much time everyday reading another great adventure, as my ST 1300 now sits lonely in the garage, parked on her center stand. I have more time to drool over the fantastic pics and enjoy the first hand accounts of the “wriders”. The comments generated by the rest of the inmates tie the whole thing together perfectly.

I just love it

For the last few months I have been longing to put a ride report together, but could not find the time to do it properly.

Well guess what? I now have a bit more time. Although I maintained a blog during the trip, the interaction you get from the RR is not just the same.

Here we go enjoy:

My wife and I had been planing our trip for just over a year, and it was now coming to the last few days before push back.

April 10 2008.
Adequately prepared, farkled, packed and crated, the Black Beauty would start ahead of us making her way across the pond. All we needed to do was finalize the last minor details before we would made our way to the airport on April 16.

So we re-counted all the days between the last day at work and the first day we would have to be back, came up with the magic number of 115, divided the bulk of the trip between Spain, Italy, and Greece about 60 days. Saved a few days to acclimatize, ship the bike back to Canada, and recover. Decided where each of us absolutely wanted to go, and opted for loosely connecting dots on the map of central-western Europe for the remaining days.

In the end it looked like this.

And the plan was something like that

By now ST was on her way from Winnipeg to Calgary in the back of a truck, than on the jumbo jet to Frankfurt, and another quick solo road trip to Amsterdam.

We would take a much more direct route with just a quick stop in Minneapolis.

Leg one Amsterdam to Winnipeg via Mall of America.

See you in the Netherlands

If you wonder what’s the deal with the Jackie and Valentino bit, stick around.
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The motorcycle chronicles of Jackie & Valentino
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