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Originally Posted by Django Loco

So, as usual, a trade off. A closer, better comparo would be a DL650 vs. F800GS.
Sure, for a street shootout they are comparable. Get off road an one will run circles around the other

I don't really think of the 800 as a dualsport, but more an adventure bike. Same as a KLR. And If I'm gonna trailer in a bike to ride off-road it's going to be a real dirtbike, why put up with a KLR in the dirt if you don't get the benefit of it's highway ability? (or why put up with it on the highway if you don't use it's ability to explore dirt?)

Points taken. In my regular weekend rides I'm not going to foreign countries, and I'm also not out to play Dakar racer on the local trails. Really I need a tool to go where I want to explore and enjoy doing it. For me, bikes like the KLR and GS800 are some of the few with this balance, now we're splitting hairs on where in the middle it is. Bang for the buck the KLR wins hands down as there's no way I'll have twice the experiences on my GS that I did on the KLR (God help me if I do ). It's just when I ride the 800 I don't feel myself wanting another bike for parts of the ride like I do on the KLR, or Strom.
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