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Originally Posted by Navaho
I have already learned about the outrageous cost to repair one of these machines. It will be on my mind constantly. It will limit what I do on the bike now. I dropped mine two months ago, and I'm still waiting on parts. $6,300 for a 20 mph low side (with crashbars). Yes, I had insurance but how many $6k claims do I want to make?
WOW I had no idea. So here we see the kind of Catch 22 of owning a road bike and trying to force it into off road duty. With a KLR you aren't on the hook for much at all. And my DR650 crashes even cheaper .... no radiators, no hoses, no waterpump. Mine has been down dozens of times .... well I did have to buy a new shift lever!
(Dammit! )

So Horses for Courses. If I owned the F800GS I can assure you I would never try to trail ride with it. Fireroads, mild two track .... all fine. You know, all the dirt roads I rode on my Vstrom
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