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Originally Posted by Navaho
In response to your second question - the F800 might feel more like the KLR than the 950. The F800 is slightly heavier than the KLR but carries the weight low. With the wrong tires, any bike over 300 lbs feels like a bull on ice. Only aggressive offroad tires work well in slippery conditions.
I agree. Even with the good tires it can be a challenge ... as you've discovered

Just a quick update on weights:
1988-2007 KLR Dry Weight: 337 lbs. (153 kgs.)

BMW F800GS Dry Weight: 391 lbs. (178 kgs.)
"ready to ride" weight: 455 lbs. (207 kgs.)

Difference in dry weights? 54 lbs.

54 lbs. off road is a substantial number. You will feel this!

The new KLR's from '08 on, are heavier, but most KLR's on the road today are pre '08's. Wet the KLR picks up a lot of weight if one fills the tank. Most do not do this off road. Since you can go nearly 100 miles on two gallons, why fill it up for a short Off road loop?

A naked (no luggage) KLR with better springs/shock, fork brace and damper, front brake up grade, is transformed from the stock bike. Much more capable, especially in the dirt.
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