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Originally Posted by Django Loco

Just a quick update on weights:
1988-2007 KLR Dry Weight: 337 lbs. (153 kgs.)

BMW F800GS Dry Weight: 391 lbs. (178 kgs.)
"ready to ride" weight: 455 lbs. (207 kgs.)

Difference in dry weights? 54 lbs.

54 lbs. off road is a substantial number. You will feel this!
Those numbers are all marketing hype, A KLR 650 with all its parts has never weighed 337 pounds (even the original '87 that you didn't include ). I'll have to check some magazine back issues for real weights, but one that comes to mind is 521 pounds for a GS8 with the BMW luggage, tank bag and probably a skid pan. I really doubt the accessories weigh 66 pounds.

Still, the difference between the bikes seems like 50 pounds or so. Of course you feel it offroad, but you also feel the BMW's better suspension, stronger frame and general overall stability advantage. Pick whichever one you like, I think the GS8 proved its mettle at the GS Trophy event in Tunisia and will continue to do so as more owners get out in the boonies with them.

Originally Posted by Django Loco
Wet the KLR picks up a lot of weight if one fills the tank. Most do not do this off road. Since you can go nearly 100 miles on two gallons, why fill it up for a short Off road loop?
Where do you get this info? Going off road can mean a short dirt loop or a long exploratory putt into the backcountry loaded down with camping gear and a full tank of gas so you can get back out again. Let's stick to facts.
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