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Originally Posted by Richard_
Dry weight is a mysterious number that manufacturers seem to use to hide the actual weight of the bike in a ready to ride state.

I've tabulated the wet weights of the different adventure/dual sport from various sources (mostly Motorcycle Consumer News). Wet weight is the actual weight of the bike when you are out riding it (with only a small variance based on the amount of gasoline in your tank).

'08 KLR - 428 lbs (about 13 lbs heavier than pre-08 KLRs)
F800GS - 462 lbs

A real world difference of just 34 lbs.

For comparison purposes

Wee-Strom - 472 lbs
2000 F650GS - 430 lbs
2008 R1200GS - 536 lbs
DR650 - 368 lbs.
According to, a source I trust, the 2008 KLR650 dry weight is listed at 386 lbs. (175.4 kgs.)

Kawasaki list the dry weight on an '06 KLR650 at 337 lbs.
That is a 49 lbs. difference.

In any case, as I've said .... MOST KLR's on the road today are pre '08, so you have to go with the lower weight specs of the earlier KLR.
More interesting is the similar weights of the F800GS and Wee Strom .... which in my very recent experience off road riding both .... put these two bikes very close. Save price of course.
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