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I would think a guy would not have much trouble trading an aftermarket KTM Hard Parts SXC Supermoto or SXC Competition silencer for the OEM 625 SXC Competition silencer, as most guys end up taking the spark arrestor out, and many hack up the internal end cap pipe. IMHO, it would be worth trying to swap with someone on KTMtalk, might save you guys a lot of money.

IIRC, there are basically 4 silencers available from the KTM Hard Parts catalog, the two SXC shaped cans (Competition and Supermoto) the straight can 58405083100, and the new Akrapovic silencer. IMHO, these get you a bit better looking can, that weighs 5 to 6 pounds lighter, with a mild performance boost at least in the case of the Supermoto can, but this comes at the cost of increased noise. None of these give a fraction of the performance increase of the Akrapovic full system.
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