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April 23
The weather albeit a bit cool, between 14C and 17C, cooperated to make our ride to Franche Comté memorable.

Nothing but blue skies

And yellow fields of mustard

We did our first pass, through le Ballon D'alsace, were we caught a bit of rain and the side of the road had still had some snow, the temp fell to 6C, it was a bit chilly. ST handled herself great through her first hairpins, and Valentino also did quite well, at least according to Jackie..

We arrived just before night fall.

We would spend 3 or 4 days with the cousins.

There is something quite heart wrenching to part with family you have not seen in 30+ years, of course it was great to be among people who love you even when they have not seen you since childhood, and it was even better to listen to the stories of my great aunt, who even past her eigthies insisted to clean and iron our laundry. But the most difficult is to say goodbye, when will I see them again I just don’t know...

So it was with a heavy heart, and a basket laden with local delicacies that we left Héricourt, and my mother’s cousins' warm welcome.

Although we just spent but a few days together, it felt so right to be among each other after such a long a time apart, and funny to see that wherever you are in the world kids just want to play WOW... go figure.

30 years apart... how time flies and life passes you by. We are so caught-in and lost in the daily grind that so often we forget the essential. Last night we celebrated until late in the night, finishing the evening by reciting verses from Lafontaine as we drank Calvados and Poire William, all of us under the delectable ethylic vapors of Crémant, (a local sparkling wine) it was wonderful.

This morning, as I let out the throttle, ST took us through the rolling hills of Franche Comté, we exited les Vosges to entered Le Jura. Under blue skies, the sun’s rays warming the back of our necks, we could do nothing else then take in the moment.

This mixture of parting emotions and anticipation of things to come, everything felt so right. In our helmets resonated the soothing voice of Cesaria Evora, and for while, the moment was just perfect bliss.

It was April 26 and we were now heading south-southwest towards Besançon, Chambéry.

A quick lunch break

Another sunny day

Then all along the Swiss border we entered the Alps with their magnificent peeks peering through our visors, soon we would pass Grenoble, then land in Vif where our friends awaited to make us discover the mountains of le Vercors.

Can you see the white peaks far over the horizon

And a little bit closer to Grenoble
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