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Originally Posted by Django Loco
According to, a source I trust, the 2008 KLR650 dry weight is listed at 386 lbs. (175.4 kgs.)

Kawasaki list the dry weight on an '06 KLR650 at 337 lbs.
That is a 49 lbs. difference.
I have no doubt that is quoting the official "dry" weight of the KLR.

As I wrote earlier, the dry weight is not reflective of the actual weight of the motorcycle in a ready-to-ride state (fuel, oil, coolant, battery, etc). So, for me and anyone who wants to know or compare motorcycle weights, the dry weight is a meaningless number since it does not tell me the actual weight of the bike. I'll stick with the actual weight of the bike, measured on a scale, in a ready-to-ride state (aka, wet weight).
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