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Most enduros in the Southeast will have a route sheet with turns, mileages and time in the rider pack. Sometimes you have to ask for it. Sometimes they have a generic route sheet you can buy.

The race starts at, say, 9am on a 24 mph average. That's a mile every 5 minutes, a tenth of a mile every 15 seconds, 4 tenths to a minute and so on (after doing these for 20 years you start thinking like this). The club can put a check anywhere there is an even tenth at the top of a minute. Well, almost anywhere. There's some other rules, but that's the basic one.

First, set your watch so that when you leave your watch says 9:00 (or whatever start time is). If your start time is 9:54 then you set your watch 54 minutes behind key time (to the second). When your enduro watch rolls up to 9:00am it's really 9:54 on the clock in the truck. You'd better be on the line ready to go.

* * 24 MPH * *
1. 0.0 START 9:00:00
2. 1.2 RPR 9:03:00
3. 2.6 LWR 9:06:30
4. 3.0 RESET TO 5.0
5. 5.0 SWR 9:12:30
6. 5.1 RWT 9:12:45
7. 14.9 RESET TO 24.8
8. 24.8 SWT 10:02:00
9. 24.8 CHANGE TO 30 MPH
10. 25.2 XDR 10:02:48
11. 32.4 SWT 10:17:24
12. 32.4 RESET TO 39.9
13. 32.7 LPL 10:33:00

This is just an example I made up in my head (and my brain hurts!). Imagine 3 columns of this stuff. You'll need scissors, scotch tape and a highlighter or two to turn it all into one big long strip then roll it up into an Enduro Engineering (or other brand) route sheet holder.

The first reset is simply to push the mileage forward so they can put a check at 5.2. How do you know there will be a check at 5.2? Because after that there is nothing but WT (woods trail) for almost 9 miles!

Next check is at 14.8. How do we know? Because there is a big whopping reset at 14.9 and 14.8 is the first tenth before that at the top of a minute (:00). You should be at 14.8 at exactly 9:37:00 but don't worry, you'll be plenty late.

The reset at 14.9 will give you a chance to rest, catch a drink, talk to some buds, massage some forearms, etc. You'll need to advance your odometer to 24.8. Here's a hint: You'll notice a gaggle of riders all sitting around like a little tea party. They are waiting for their minute to come up so they can get going again. *IF* you were Russell Bobbit you could expect to wait 25 minutes. Your wait time varies with your woods speed.

At 24.8 miles they up the ante with a faster speed average - 30 mph. Mostly they do that to make sure to take points, or if it's a bunch of WR (woods road) they might put in a faster average. It makes mental math a whole lot harder too. Just ride faster.

If by some chance you start passing riders that are just poking along, turn around and look what row they are on. If they are on a row lower than yours you'd better slow down or you could burn a check. If they are trying to go fast then they are just slower. It's pretty obvious when a rider is going 10 mph on a wide open dirt road.

At 25.3 you find another check. You know why - 8 miles of WT ahead!

And, of course, another check at 32.3. Only 7 miles but at 30 mph it should only take 14 minutes! You have a 15 minute rest (probably more like 5 depending on your speed). Don't forget to advance your odo.

Sometimes instead of RESET they will use PAUSE. A PAUSE is exactly what it sounds like - at xx.x mileage sit and wait yy minutes. It could look like this:

10. 25.2 XDR 10:02:48
11. 32.4 SWT 10:17:24
12. 32.4 PAUSE 15 MIN
13. 32.7 LPL 10:33:00

So instead of the odo advancing you sit and wait for your watch to get ahead.

Either way, pay attention to the guys with all the enduro doo-dads and what row they are on, especially if they are on your row. And if you ever see a 15 mph average you are in for a really good time.

I hope that helps.

- c bob
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