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A short day ends in a low-side...

Originally Posted by Trailblazer
Tricepilot, you kill me.

When are we gonna get to the crash?
Friday morning was a bright, beautiful day in Jalisco (state of) and everyone was looking forward to the ride to Puerto Vallarta, with a stop at Mascota for lunch.

I suppose looking back on it, there were several things I could point to that if I eliminated, I might have been able to not lay the bike on it's side just east of Mascota. But I didn't, and it happened, and press on we go...

Hundreds of motorcycles gather in downtown Guadalajara after checking out of the two main hotels that hosted the event.

Some folks initially talked about leaving for Mascota early and avoiding the crowds on the highway, but then others prevailed with the view that you rarely get to experience the rush that comes with parading out of a major Mexican city with police escort and that many bikes on the highway.

There were the ever-present hostesses ensuring that riders left with fond memories...

Not sure what's going on here with Davis, except to guess that he was hyperventilating with excitment before the mass departure...

Hank's GS with Ann on the back - these guys were in the lead pack, and riding two-up they were faster than most single riders

Alejo was said: "Once you crash, you will always think there is never enough gear in the world"

This guy was wearing an exoskeleton:

We took off out of Guadalajara in one large pack.

I was near the front of the parade out of town as we did some stop and go to clear the city, then out into the countryside.

Everybody kept decent distance and the pack was well-regulated. There was some passing and some fairly aggressive riding styles, but what do you expect with hundreds of riders and a little machismo here and there

Hank had fitted my GS with Ohlins shortly before the trip, and the new suspension helped glue to bike to the rails in the mountains.

Even rather packed down, the GS was "sticking" to the corners in the twisties.

There were literally two corners to go in the mountains before the lunch stop at Mascota, and I was right about here:

I was in a decending, left hand turn, going about 30.

A guy in a car coming opposite direction (from Mascota) sees rocks from the mountainside in his lane, and comes into my lane to avoid hitting the rocks in his lane:

I have to stand the bike up, out of the lean angle, to avoid the car and go around him.

As I pass him, I'm wide into the corner, and I press on the left grip to lean the bike back down to regain a corner line.

By this time, I'm into the marbles in the corner, and the rear tire breaks traction, and she low-sides.

To my right is a wall, that ends and then there is nothing but brush and a rocky cliff face. I slide past all of that on my left side.

The left side aluminum pannier busts apart, showering the road with its contents

The SPOT satellite messenger flies out of its mount, but is retained due to its tether.

The Zumo in its mount takes a rock to the face, and despite being chipped, did not fail to restart later.

The crash was a classic "slow motion in memory" crash in that even now I can remember it in frame-by-frame detail.

The effect of hitting the road I relate to a WWF wrestler picking you up, turning you sideways, and slamming you to the mat.

I slid to a stop on my left side/butt, about 50 feet from where the bike turned over.

There was debris from the pannier everywhere.

The guy in the car didn't even know what happened, I guess he turned the corner and went on his merry way, never seeing what happened.

I'll post pics next, but first a little contest.

Which of the following ATGATT pieces of gear took it the hardest??

(1) Helmet

(2) Gloves

(3) Jacket

(4) Pants

(5) Boots

Hint: you won't get it right the first time.
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