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Originally Posted by DirtyDog
[devil's advocate]
Isn't now the time to be exploring the low desert, where the highs will be in the low 70's? Instead, you are heading to high elevations where the highs are 50. I doub't you'll need cold drinks; maybe propane heaters.
[/devil's advocate]

Be safe, regardless.
Ok, so its not cold drinks, it more like Hot chocolate and/or Spiced hot cider. You are right, its cold up there... we're testing out our new Kilimanjaro jackets. jk

On a serious side group...Im gathering a list of "just in case" needs: (eg. limited fuel, minor parts, snack foods, beverages, etc.) Any other ideas? I could also use a partner to go with me so Im not by myself (another wife/GF/BF)? takers anyone...
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