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Missing Pieces

Among other things, the left side turn signal and the left side running light were torn off (and in fact we didn't find them, despite looking for them):

The windscreen, left handguard, left mirror et cetera were also belt sanded:

The left pannier as explained was crushed but I beat it back into shape in Puerto Vallarta with a rubber mallet that I bougt at Wal Mart (the Wal Mart in Puerto Vallarta, not San Antonio)

As you can see in the following photo, the engine crash bars on the left side did their job extremely well, as did the protector for the valve cover:

The Jimmy Durante got scratched up a ton, but as I found out BMW sells the black piece separately from the rest of the nose section, so that's all I replaced from this end:

The major dysfunctions at the crash site were these:

(1) Me. I was dazed and confused (what's new?) and in a lot of pain from directions I was still trying to figure out.

(2) Not shown, but the forks were twisted (not physically bent, but twisted geometrically) off centerline from the handlebars. This means that if you sat on the bike and held the handlebars "straight", the front wheel, after the accident, pointed off into space towards the left.

I'll explain how we fixed all of this shortly...
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