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Originally Posted by Trailblazer
Ok. I'll bite.
In the order of the most thankful to have on in this particular crash:
1) Boots
2) Pants
3) Gloves
4) Jacket
5) Helmet
Most destructed to least?
1) Boots
2) Gloves
3) Pants
4) Jacket
5) Helmet

I have to end the contest early and declare Milton the winner.

In fact, the pants and jacket are both kevlar air mesh by Wayne at Motoport, and its hard to figure out, by damage alone, what "did its job" and what just glided over the road without touching it much.

The pants and the helmet aren't even worth picturing, in that the only portiion of either I found damage on was the face shield itself - it was scratched and had to be replaced. But why not the helmet itself

The pants I would have figured I slid on, but looking them over, I can't find hardly a scuff

My right boot was fine, but my left boot was torn all to hades and back. You can see from the ankle what happened inside the boot. The docs say that I have an "avulsion fracture" of the left ankle and that I should be in an "air cast".

Here is a photo of the damage to the kevlar mesh jacket:

If that was a denim jacket, a plastic mesh jacket, or a T-shirt, I would have been picking stones out of my skin.

Interestingly, my right elbow sustained a minor laceration, but the jacket wasn't damaged there in any way. Internal abrasion factor?

If you are going to spend two weeks in Mexico, and crash, try to do it on a tour or on a rally - where the trailer comes right up behind you, collects your bike, and takes you away.

This was the middle weekend of the two week trip.

In a little more than a day from the crash, Hank would straighten the twisted forks, I'd have a pile of useless metal, and less duct tape and zip ties than I brought to Mexico.

It would take me all of Friday night and much of Saturday to figure out if I was going to continue on in Mexico after the rally ended, or pack it up and fly home.

By noon on Saturday the bike looked like it could be ridden.

But by noon on Saturday as well, aches and pains, strains and nausea that I hadn't known on crash day decided to pay me a visit in Puerto Vallarta.

I tried to weakly smile and make a round or two at some of the functions, but I wasn't much of myself and really, the rally for me in my mind had ended and I spent a lot of time in bed with cold towels on my head and more stuff from the pharmacy to try to make me forget about my foot.

I was not staying at the main hotel where everybody else was, I was at the Buenaventura about a mile south. Looking back on it, it was good I was down there.

On of my disappointments was not being able to find my friend/mentor Dan (DTop1) who was in Puerto Vallarta having guided some of his buddies to the rally. Sorry Dan - next Mexico event we cross paths I'll find you for sure.

I did find the Zerwecks again in P.V. having met them in person in Guadalajara, so that was good.

I basically spent Friday night in varying states of agony, fretting about the bike, mad at myself for crashing, and not knowing that the sun would rise in the morning and soon after, the bike would be ride-able. I wish I had known that Friday night, the night would have gone better.

It would also have gone better if I had known that on Sunday morning, I wouldn't be using MedJet and flying home, but leaving the crowd of hundreds at the rally behind and heading off farther south with 4 pals, a patched bike, and run into a police roadblock as well as a guy from England riding solo from the U.S. to South America.

I'll get to that tomorrow when I also tell you what I made of my day in Puerto Vallarta. Nos vemos, ya regreso pronto amigos.

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