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Originally Posted by reBARman
Home safe. had to bail out a little early, but it was great riding with you guys and gals again


+1 What he said.

Big turnout today, nice meeting everyone, though I've forgotten all your names already...

I left early to go to the motorcycle show but decided to stay home and instead.

I have to say, last time I went for a Sat Ride with Dunerat and Nowwhat and them guys, was not really fun. I dropped my bike in my own parking lot before I even left. I got wet, it was bite assed cold, the dirt was like talcum powder, I crashed a lot, hurt myself, the food @ Newcombs sucked and the waitress was fugly...

Plus, Nowwhat was just showing off, he was riding so well was just to embarrass me I'm sure.

Today, I got off to a rocky start by getting an earplug stuck WAY up in my ear. Then, just because that's how I roll, I got the other one stuck too!

However after my trailside lobotomy, my riding today was a lot better, the dirt was WAY better, and I had a really good time meeting and riding with you FF's. Too bad I missed the water crossing, Joel will have to wait to get that picture of my bike resting. The food tasted better & The waitress was actually pretty cute! (though frankly the ugly one was a better waitress)
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