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We spent less than 24 hours in Belize. I took only two pictures. There really is no excuse for this silly rush; Belize was quite nice and it was pleasant (although shocking) to speak English again. However, Scott was waiting for us in Tulúm and a thorough exploration would have required leaving the bikes on the mainland to explore the islands. Belize is best explored by sailboat.

Belize may have the Most Delicious Rum Ever. It's called One Barrel and finishes with a surprisingly strong taste of molasses. Sadly, I have yet to find it for sale outside Belize.

We spent one night in Corozal, near the border with Mexico, and crossed the next day. The good news is that flights to Cancún are remarkably cheap and getting from there to Belize is easy. I'll be back.

My two pictures...

This "ferry" was a barge on a cable with a hand-crank that pulled it across the river:

A random bridge:

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
How I Nearly Killed My Friends In Baja
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