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I'm home. Dead tired. Not sure why.
But had fun!

Quickslver and I were held up by a car accident on the way home on Angeles Crest - car going to fast crossed the double yellow, locked up, hit oncoming truck, slamned into the side of the mountain and flipped onto it's roof. Didn't see it happen but did get some pics of the car on it's roof (iPhone pics from a distance tho, so won't be so great). I'll post pics soon.

we couldn't turn around to go the other way cuz we would not make it to the next gas station. Had to wait it out.

Waved Goodbye to Quickslver on Foothill and I rode home via Chevy Chase.

Bunch of us are hitting the bike show tomorrow, plan to be there when they open.

n00b on too tall bike.
K5 Vstrom DL650
Currently no skid plate, and stuck on street-only tires until work starts up again.
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