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10 October, Friday
Kashan – Na’in – Ardakan – Yazd (473km)

Aldo also woke up at 05:00 to send us off with Ekber and his wife. We pushed the bikes out of the garage without firing up. We didn't want to wake our neighbours. I strongly recommend this place. It couldn' t be more natural and friendly. We parted ways with Aldo here. He continued to Esfehan. After goodbyes we left immidately after firing the KTMs. A lot of noise at the silence of the day.

Kashan dawn...

Roads are great. They have built the return lanes 200m far. So, it like a two laned one way road. You don't see the oncoming headlights so, great for night rides. Also the asphalt quality is awesome considering the heavy vehicle traffic. Not a single deterioration on the right lane.

We loved these city entry signs. Laughed every time i saw.

During preparation we planned to do a day-trip to the Zoroastrian sites Chak Chak and Kharanaq from Yazd. Since we started the day so early, we had a lot of time and decided to do this circle tour, before entering Yazd, because it was on our way. Bikers guided us to the junction after Ardakan which was very tricky to find. It was so barren after we turned to the Chak Chak road.

It was hard to navigate. There we a lot of turns with only signs in Farsi. There was nobody to ask either. After a while gravel started as expected.

We continued without knowing exactly we to go. We saw a road construction crew and they told that we missed the Chak Chak turn. The road was fun so continued anyway. So barren and lonely. It's like the silence after snow. After a while we were on the asphalt again to Yazd. Hehe i missed Kharanaq turn too.

It seemed like the real Iran going south. Less traffic, less police, less caos.
We arrived to Yazd about 14:00. According to our book we found Silk Road Hotel.

A traditional Yazd house. It was bigger compared to Noghli House and was packed with tourists from all around the world. After checking in we ate lunch and met Hadi who was a one-man army. Dealing with everything in the hotel. He gave us a plastic bucket for washing clothes and told that we can hang them on the roof.

These we made to ride in a laid back position to preserve fatigue i guess.

After hanging out in the internet cafe for several hours we got back to the roof to check out the clothes.

Yazd was preparing for the night.

I was a little overdue with my writings so, we hung around the garden for a while.

We heard someone playing ney (a special flute). Hadi said that the guy is also from Turkey. Later, Bulent came near us and we started chatting. He is an assistant at the Hacettepe University and was travelling with trains, busses. We walked to our neighbour Orient Hotel.

...and this is the roof.

People always lay back here. Usual sitting on chair is not common. We wanted to organize a tour to Chak Chak and Kharanaq tomorrow but we were late because you have tell a day before. So, a long walking tour of Yazd was the plan for tomorrow.

After a brief ney concert for Bulent we went to bed.

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